Newyorkers see the sky... kind of


10 years ago, nanotechnology governed by the breakthrough System HAYYIM was "installed" into the atmospheres immediately above Cairo, London, Hanover, Berlin, Los Angeles, New York, and Mexico City (you may recall that some commercial metropolises such as Sydney, Prague, Tokyo, and Paris refused the WNEO invitation, wishing their skies not be turned into "experiments"; Beijing also refused, claiming its scientists had developed their own restoration nano-programming).

Six months ago, citizens of the residential districts surrounding Hanover reported glints of sunlight and even some specs of blue above just around noon. Today, similar reports out of New York are popping up on the Network. Although it seems the "blue" is described as very pale, almost gray.

Though the three individuals comprising System HAYYIM's development team have all since passed on, I'm sure they'd be quite proud today. Especially considering the extreme hostility they were met with, both from the public and national governments. As well as the usual criticism from the Holy State.

Experts say it will be another decade on average before the skies above these CMs will be fully restored. Meanwhile, the rest of us in the Outer Residential Sector are enjoying our cloudy-but-relatively-clean skies. One of the few great things about being a middle-class commoner, I say.

Update on Gran Nalay tidal wall


Quick update on the tidal wall breaking in Gran Nalay: according to WNEO, approximately 6200 coastal apartments were washed away after the wall break last week. The number of fatalities has not been released yet.

Why has it taken this long for them to report the numbers? And we still don't even know how many died. As I hear it, no one can go in or out of GN. There have been absolutely no reports on relief efforts, even though it was confirmed last Friday medi-caravans were on their way in.

Can't wait to hear Danson's statement on this mess. Too bad all the videos of his press conference supporting the walls' supposed infallibility have been pulled from the Network. They're getting quicker and quicker... I'll keep you posted on this.

Remnants of 2012


Due to the commendable efforts of PPLLA, all sealed inter-governmental documents pertaining to the 2012 incidents are set to be released to the public 15 years ahead of schedule. Originally the files were set for a "nonextendable" period of 50 years in classification due to public safety concerns. Then WNEO overturned the original ruling, extending the classification to 100 years.

Finally we've caught up with them. It's taken a damn long time, but we should all be grateful to the PPLLA. Mark your calendars for November 15 of 2097.